Tahader Kotha

Biswajit Roy


Tahader Kotha

Biswajit Roy


22400 (Incl of GST)

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Details of the Original Work

  • Size

    12 (w) x 20(h) inches
  • Category

    Print Making
  • Medium

  • Surface

    Fabriano Paper
  • 2022

    Year of making

About the Work

The title of this work is ‘Tahader Katha’, this is my new graphics print work. I did this work in etching and aquatint technique on Zink plate. In this work total ten plates are there, all are deferent size of plates, total work size 20” by 15 inch. This print I took on half sheet Fabriano paper. After cleaning with brasso I apply ground on the plate, did drawing after that, then started acid bite for line drawing. After line drawing I did some more detail and strokes with needles on each plate, I did various types of strokes and texture on plate. After finishing line drawing I started Aqua with resin powder, after complete work I took print. In this work I used ten deferent size plates and composed in one composition. For this composition I used different types of tree, plants and landscapes. These are very common plants like bamboo, dates, banana, palm etc. This type of composition is very common in village area, which I saw from my childhood. I used title in Bengali language ‘Tahader Katha’ which I took from a Bengali movie. The meaning of which is ‘Their story’. This tree, plants and landscape was very close to me because in childhood I spend a lot of time with them. I felt those trees are also growing with me. Now I migrated to a different place, where whatever I felt and saw has become a nostalgic memory for me. When I see this composition I can feel ‘where I came from’. I used monochrome colour to show past feelings and give a nostalgic quality. In this work I use my old zinc plate intentionally for giving an unfinished quality and old effect. After taking the complete print I was very happy because through the composition I went back to my childhood.

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22400 (Incl of GST)


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