Every home and office can now be your personal gallery.

We make efforts to showcase your art to every kind of art enthusiast – a young collector or veteran, an individual home or a corporate, an art investor or a connoiseur. So every living or working space becomes a gallery and an opportunity to reach out to larger audiences.

Our customers include individuals and businesses alike – hospitality, corporate and real estate.

What do customers have to say?

You will get to earn more as we are always on the lookout to seek innovative avenues.

We want more people to experience art and we are always on the lookout for creative ways to make this happen. And this only means that you get to choose how you want your art experienced.

You can showcase your original works of art, make limited edition prints of your select works available for sale and/or Desktop Art(Gifting Idea).

Sounds interesting! Tell me more.

Simple and transparent, you can focus on creating great art.

Creating a profile on Artflute is free and easy. You can login to your profile at any point and make edits, add/delete works to showcase and track the movement of revenues you have earned.

We take great pride in ensuring transparency at every stage of each transaction. So if you don’t see something working or you have ideas to share, we’d love to hear from you.

Great ! How do I create my profile?

Please email your portfolio along with images of 3-5 of your works to showcase@artflute.com and our curation team will be in touch with you.

Please note: Artflute reserves the right to curate (accept/reject) works submitted by the artists.

Rahul Mallya

As a graphic designer, I have been fortunate to have an opportunity to showcase my work on Artflute.com and I am happy to say that my work has been well received by all. It not only got sold but was also subscribed. The Artflute team has been so kind to me and is always around to answer any of my questions or concerns. I can say that my experinece with them has been extremely positive.
If you are an artist, I higly encourage you to contact the team to see how you can get uyour work recognized!

Sumit Mehndiratta

The word "Art" and its meaning in today's world has changed, and the people connected to it, be it an individual or an organization have to adapt to it. In past times, artists were usually discovered, but now there's a plethora of artists coming up everyday. It's normal for an individual/enterprise not to buy a single, expensive piece of art and rather buy reproductions which are affordable and can be changed. Artflute is one of the only Indian companies who has managed to do so on a broader scale. It's an intelligent mix of affordability and creativity. The company provides brilliant deals where clients may subscribe yearly and have options to change an artwork a specific number of times. Not only is the idea brilliant, even the employees are smart and helpful enough to make it possible. As an artist, I'm satisfied to work with them and I feel they have what it takes when it comes to, being the first movers of the online art industry of India.

Anuj Malhotra

I have done many offline (physical) exhibitions - the effort and time involved is huge and the reach is minimal. And then I discovered the convenience of Artflute.com. The flexibility Artflute offers is tremendous and they continuously keep innovating and are at the cutting edge of online art websires. I now concentrate on creating good works and Artflute is clearly the front runners with their new model of subscription. It magnifies the reach and scale of artworks form an artist's perspective. It also give the artist an annuity income over and above the normal art sales.

Artflute is a delightful platform for people like me who are just beginning to buy art. I am thoroughly enjoying what I have picked up and it has added a whole new character to our home.

Vishal Talreja, Bangalore

I bought my first art piece for my collection at home from Artflute. The team was by my side every step of the way to answer questions, make suggestions, and ensure that i had a great buying experience.

Suresh Shanmugham, West Virginia

What I loved about our engagement with Artflute was their detailed involvement at every stage of the project. They managed to curate unique works by photographers based on out proposed theme and those works are now a part of hotel's identity. The experience has been hassle-free and I will be back for more."

Nitin Pathak, General Manager - Citrus Hotels

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