Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Limited Edition Prints?

A. Showcasing the unique style of an artist in the form of a reproduction comes with a huge responsibility. And we take that seriously. Each reproduction is a museum quality giclée print on high quality canvas that captures the original work in all its essence.

Q. What if I am not too comfortable with the idea of offering prints of my works? Can I showcase only my original works for sale?

A. We understand and respect that you may not be comfortable with the idea of prints. And yes, you can definitely go ahead and showcase your original works for sale.

Q. Tell me more about the revenues artists get to earn.

Every time an original work or limited edition print is purchased or subscribed, a percentage of revenue will be shard with the Artist (details mentioned below).

Sales Revenues for Artists Where does the rest go?
Sale of Originals 75% Costs of Promotion and Delivery to Customer
Sale of Art Prints (Size: Above 216 square inches) 40% Costs of Digitization, High-quality Prints, Framing, Promotion and Delivery to Customer
Sale of Art Prints (Size: Below 216 square inches) 20% Costs of Digitization, High-quality Prints, Framing, Promotion and Delivery to Customer (Excludes costs of mini easel, if any and packaging)
Subscription of Art Prints 20% On a pro-rata bases Costs of Digitization, High-quality Prints, Framing, Promotion and Delivery to Customer
Q. How many prints of an original artwork would you make available for purchase?

We would like to showcase not more than 5 works at any point in time.

We are currently limiting the number of prints to 100 globally (for sizes 18" and above). A Certificate of Authenticity mentioning the unique number of reproduction will accompany each work.

Note: We also offer gifting options of sizes below 18" for our business clients. These are open edition and will be reproduced only post your approval.

Q. Will your curation team select works from an artist's portfolio?

A. That’s right. We make an attempt to select works so we are able to showcase your style to our audiences. However, please feel free to suggest if you would like to showcase specific works.

Q. Are you offering only art prints on subscription? How about originals?

A. Currently, we offer only art prints on subscription to businesses.

Q. Why are you offering Limited Edition Prints?

We would love to create visibility for your works and help command a better price for originals. But at the same time we hate to dilute the value of what you’ve created. This is only to familiarize people with your style.

Q. If prints of my works are made available for circulation, do I need to share my original works with Artflute?

No. In case of prints on circulation, we will not need your original works. We will need you to upload high-resolution images (at least 10,000 px on the longer side and at least 25 MB file) so that the quality of prints is not affected.

If you don’t possess high-resolution images, do drop us a note or call us and we’ll work out something for you.

Q. If my original work gets sold (not on Artflute), will you continue to circulate prints?

No. Once we are intimated that the original artwork is sold, we will make all possible attempts to pull out prints on circulation. And we will also make the work unavailable for future circulation.

However, if you agree to have your artwork available for prints in spite of sale of originals and the buyer does not buy exclusive purchase rights, we will continue to showcase artist’s works on our platform. Remember – it’s your choice!

Q. Who are your customers?

A. Individual homes and businesses - hotel chains, corporates, hospitals and the builder community.

Q. Do I get to choose if my works are available only for sale/ subscription and not both?

A. Absolutely!

Q. How regularly will I get to know if my works are sold?

A. We are working towards building a great amount of transparency into our system. You can visit your dashboard anytime and check the details on demand. All transactions pertaining to sale/subscription of your works will be available for your reference whenever you want to access the same.

Q. I am particular about the quality of my works’ prints and I would rather have it done myself.

A. Over the last one year, we have researched and arrived at a high standard of printing on canvas of standardized sizes with a high-quality finish. We prefer to oversee the digitization and printing process ourselves to guarantee an output that has been highly recommended by our customers.

Q. How do I price my original works?

A. You can price the works as per your expectations and make sure the price is accounting for Artflute’s commission of 25%. The commission charged by Artflute does not include local taxes as applicable and will be added to the final price. In case of domestic shipments (within India), shipping charges will have to be borne by the artist.

In case of international shipments, a flat fee will be collected for shipping and handling from the buyer and passed on to the artist. Under no circumstances will the price be revised upwards once the contract of sale has been executed.

Q. What happens when I make a sale on

A. Sale of Limited Edition Print

  • You’ll receive an email intimating you about the sale.
  • We’ll take care of production, framing and delivery to the buyer.
  • And finally, revenues will be credited to your account within 15 days from the date of receipt.

B. Sale of Original Artwork

  • You’ll receive an email asking you to confirm the availability of the work or choose the option of a commissioned work.
  • Once you confirm either, you will receive information regarding the next steps you’ll need to take in order for us to successfully execute the order. These details include timelines, preferred courier services, packaging guidelines and buyer’s details. You’ll also receive a copy of Certificate of Authenticity that needs to be signed by you.
  • All original works are to be shipped to the buyer directly from the artist’s location unless otherwise specified.
  • In case of domestic shipments (within India), shipping costs will have to be borne by the artist. In case of international shipments, shipping charges and handling fee will be collected from the buyer and passed on to you.
  • You, the artist, will be responsible for packaging your artwork for shipment, as well as for all packaging costs.

You must include a Certificate of Authenticity inside the package with your artwork. 

Q. When will I receive the payment for a sale of original/limited edition print? How will I receive my payment?

A. In event of a sale of original work of art or licensed prints, the artist revenues will be paid within 15 working days from the date the buyer receives his order.

We prefer to make an online transfer to your account. You can update your bank account details once you’ve created your account.


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