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Gallery Wrap - Ready to Hang

(Gallery wrap can be done for the print only when shipping within India)

With no additional framing, your Limited Edition Print comes ready-to-hang on your wall in no time for instant artistic pleasure. The art print will be gallery wrapped so that the canvas wraps around the sides of the stretcher bar and is secured to the back of the wooden frame.


Celestial Dreams

Kavita Nayar

57000 (Incl of GST)

Original work with a Certificate of Authenticity. Signed & verified by Basuki Dasgupta.



22 (w) x 30(h) inches












Hand signed by the artist (English), Lower Right




IND: 7-10 Working Days

INTL: 10-15 Working Days

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Etching on Paper, 30 x 22 in, Edition of 30, 2008, Lower Right in English

This serigraph includes an authenticity certificate from Artflute.

Secured Payments

Etching on Paper, 30 x 22 in, Edition of 30, 2008, Lower Right in English

This serigraph includes an authenticity certificate from Artflute.

Secured Payments


  • What is a Serigraph?
  • Serigraph is an artwork created by the process of Serigraphy, a silk-screen printing method.

  • Are they originals or prints?
  • A serigraph is a limited edition fine art print, made even more exclusive by the artist's direct involvement in its creation and hand-signed authentication. The manual nature of the process ensures subtle variations within the edition, making each piece truly unique.

  • How is the process of Serigraphy different from regular print? How is this different from the original work of the artist?
  • Serigraphy often involves a close collaboration between an artist and a printmaker. The original artwork is separated into several layers, and stencils are created for each color. These stencils are used to apply the colors individually in a multi-step process.

    The printmaker meticulously ensures the colors align with the original artwork. Initial drafts result in artist proofs, which the artist reviews, often suggesting changes. Through this iterative process, the artist and printmaker refine the work until a final artist proof is approved. With the approval, the print run begins. Finally, the artist inspects, signs, and numbers each completed print.

  • Why should I buy serigraphs?
  • Serigraphs in India gained popularity when M.F. Husain collaborated with Print Makers to create his Ashta Vinayak series. His goal was to make his art more accessible to the general public. Raja Ravi Varma, with a similar vision (and 50 years before Husain), started a lithography press, using another print-making method to create his works. His efforts helped his works reach countless Indian households, transcending the confines of royal patronage.

    At Artflute, we wish to carry this intention forward by curating serigraphs. We aim to offer both first-time and seasoned collectors an affordable and accessible way to acquire works by the senior and master artists they admire. Each of these works is the result of artists & printmakers, engaging in a meticulous process of trial and error to realize the final artwork. When you purchase a serigraph, you're not simply acquiring a mass-produced digital print, but a limited edition testament to the collaborative artistry between painter and printmaker.

    Each serigraph also holds the potential to appreciate over time. As editions become scarce, the prices of these serigraphs may increase.

  • Why are they priced high even though they are prints?
  • Beyond their status as limited edition fine art prints, serigraphs offer several advantages. The handcrafted nature of the serigraphy process and the artist's direct involvement contribute to their value. Additionally, serigraphs often reflect the artist's current original pricing, making their work accessible at a fraction of the cost.

  • Can I see them somewhere?
  • We currently do not have any serigraphs available for viewing in person but do watch out because we’re working on making this happen. Meanwhile, we can help you with a live video of the serigraph that captures the details of the work and the texture of the paper. Do reach out to us through any of the channels below:


    WhatsApp: +91-8310552854 (Recommended for quick responses)

    Call: +91-8088313131 (Recommended for quick responses)

  • Will it come with an authenticity certificate? How do I know if this is authentic?
  • An authentic serigraph should be numbered and signed by the artist, always look for both these points to ensure a serigraph is authentic. All serigraphs sold on our website are authenticated by us and the serigraph will bear the signature of the artist and edition number. Do feel free to ask us further questions at +91-8310552854

  • How will it be shipped to me? How long will it take to reach me?
  • In the case of shipments within India, we should be able to deliver the work to you in 7-10 working days.

    In the case of International shipments, it usually takes 10-15 working days. If you are looking for urgent or expedited shipments, reach out to us on any of the channels below:


    WhatsApp: +91-8310552854 (Recommended for quick responses)

    Call: +91-8088313131 (Recommended for quick responses)

  • What are the payment options? How can I buy it?
  • We accept all forms of digital payments and our payment methods are secure. We use Razorpay and Payu Payment Gateways. You can place an order on our website and make a payment directly. If you face any issues, reach out to us through any of the channels below:


    WhatsApp: +91-8310552854 (Recommended for quick responses)

    Call: +91-8088313131 (Recommended for quick responses)

  • Where is the signature located?
  • The artists usually sign the serigraphs on the bottom left or right but you can refer to the artwork image and the supporting images to find the signature of the artist. If the images do not indicate the signature do reach out to us and we will help you with a picture to confirm the same.

  • Can it be made in a larger size?
  • Serigraphs are limited edition fine art prints and each artwork in the edition is made to a fixed size. If you have a particular size in mind, do let us know and we will keep you informed if a similar size comes up in the future. You can also explore alternate sizes by the same artist.

  • Delivery Charges related (Pricing & Timelines)
  • The pricing in INR includes GST and delivery charges for India.For locations outside India, the GST is not applicable and the delivery charges will be additional.

  • Will it come framed?
  • The serigraphs will be carefully rolled and shipped in a secure tube for optimal protection. Due to the delicate nature of paper, we recommend having your serigraph framed locally with either glass or acrylic once you receive it. Our experience has shown that shipping framed artwork with glass significantly increases the risk of damage, regardless of how meticulously it's packed.We can however help you pick a reliable framing partner depending on the city you are located in India.


Sale of Limited Edition Prints are returnable, only in the case of damage. For all return-related queries, drop us an email at In case of returns, we will credit the amount you paid for the artwork into your Artflute exclusive wallet or payment method used.

Original Works: The sale of original works is final and is not returnable, except in the case of damage. We follow a thorough process of quality checks and packaging to ensure the artworks are safely shipped.

You are entitled to return the artwork (in case of damage) within 5 days of receipt and the payment will be refunded to you within 15 days from the date of return.


Acrylic Paintings:

Store paintings in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent color fading. Dust gently with a soft, dry cloth or brush to remove surface dirt. Avoid using harsh chemicals or solvents for cleaning, as they may damage the paint. Glass framing is not necessary but can provide added protection. Handle with care to avoid scratching or smudging the surface.

Watercolor Paintings:

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight to prevent fading. Frame under glass with UV protection to shield from dust and moisture. Keep away from humid or damp areas to prevent warping. Handle with clean hands or gloves to avoid smudges and stains. Use acid-free materials for mounting and framing to prevent yellowing over time.

Oil Paintings:

Keep away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to prevent cracking or fading. Dust regularly with a soft, dry brush or microfiber cloth. Avoid hanging in areas with high humidity to prevent mold growth. Store paintings upright or flat in a stable environment to prevent damage from shifting.

Bronze Sculptures:

Dust regularly with a soft, dry cloth or brush to remove surface dirt. Avoid touching the sculpture with bare hands, as oils from the skin can cause discoloration. Keep away from areas with high humidity or moisture to prevent corrosion. Store in a stable environment to prevent accidental damage or tipping over.

Fiberglass Sculptures:

Clean gently with a soft, damp cloth or sponge to remove dirt and grime. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbing vigorously, as they may scratch the surface. Protect from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to prevent fading. Store in a dry, cool place when not on display to prevent warping or damage.


When handling serigraphs, ensure your hands are clean and dry to prevent transferring oils or dirt onto the paper. Store serigraphs flat in a cool, dry, and stable environment to prevent warping or damage. Avoid areas prone to high humidity, temperature fluctuations, or direct sunlight. Frame serigraphs using acid-free materials to prevent yellowing or deterioration over time. Use UV-protective glass or acrylic to shield the artwork from harmful sunlight and dust. Dust the surface of the serigraph gently with a soft, dry brush or microfiber cloth. Avoid using water or cleaning solutions directly on the paper to prevent smudging or damage to the print. Hang serigraphs away from direct sunlight and sources of heat to prevent fading. Choose a stable and secure location for display to minimize the risk of accidental damage.


Shipping charges (Original Artworks):

Within India (for Artwork shipped rolled): Free Delivery

Within India (for Artwork shipped stretched, framed, or crated): Additional charges.

International Shipments: Shipping charges on actuals (depending on your location, size, and weight of the shipment) will be added to your purchase.

Shipping Charges (Limited Edition Prints):

Domestic and International Shipments: Free Delivery. Duties if any will be additional and be borne by the customer.

For Indian Shipments, we use DTDC, who has been our reliable partner over the years.

For International shipments we ship via FedEx or DHL who are reliable global partners. Duties if any will be additional and be borne by the customer.


  • How do I know this is an authentic product by the artist?
  • Every Sale on Artflute will include a Certificate of Authenticity that certifies the authenticity of the product. In the case of Original artwork, the certificates will also be signed by the artist.

  • Will I get an invoice? And GST credit?
  • Yes, every sale will be accompanied by an invoice.

  • Can I negotiate the price of an artwork?
  • Yes, you can use the Make an Offer feature on the website to negotiate the price of works. But do make an offer that is fair to the artist.

  • Will I be charged any duties or taxes for my order?
  • The prices are inclusive of GST when you select Rupee as your currency and are buying art in India. When buying art from outside India, there is no GST applicable and the duties applicable will be decided by the authorities in the destination country. The duties will be borne by you, the customer. While we can hint at the approximate charges, the actual duties charged are out of our control.

  • What payment methods are accepted?
  • We accept all forms of digital payments. For other forms of payment do get in touch with us on any of the methods below:


    WhatsApp: +91-8310552854

    Call: +91-8088313131

  • Are all artworks signed? Where is it located?
  • We try to ensure every artwork uploaded by the artist has been signed. And you should also be able to find the signature in the image of the artist uploaded. Note: This may not be applicable in the case of sculptures.

  • How do I know when new items by artists I like become available?
  • You can use follow the artists feature or let us know the artists you are interested in and we will keep you posted! You can also sign up to our Whatsapp Newsletter on +91-8310552854

  • Where do I begin if I want to commission an artwork?
  • Do let us know the artist you are interested in commissioning a work of and we can work with the artist to help bring your vision to life!


    WhatsApp: +91-8310552854

    Call: +91-8088313131

    Feel free to reach out to us via any of the methods above. We're here to assist you!

  • The work I wanted is no longer available - can I commission a similar work?
  • Absolutely! Do use the ‘SOLD! Set Alert for Similar Work’ button to register your interest.

  • How is the work shipped out?
  • Artworks that are marked as ‘Shipped As: Rolled’ will be safely shipped out in a tube. Artworks that are marked as ‘Shipped As: Stretched, Framed or Crate’ will be shipped in a crated box to avoid any kind of damage in transit. These works usually can’t be shipped in a rolled format due to the nature of the work.

  • Can I combine multiple items into one shipment to lower shipping costs?
  • Absolutely! We can work out a good shipping price for multiple artworks. Do share the artworks you’re considering with us via any of the methods below: Do let us know the artist you are interested in commissioning a work of and we can work with the artist to help bring your vision to life!


    WhatsApp: +91-8310552854

    Call: +91-8088313131

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