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Jagadish Kadur
yoga sculpture  
My recent work was on obesity which is the major challenge faced by most of the women in the world, hence I have worked on some paintings that depict the size and the shape of the fat ladies the series have the reason behind obesity , among which few of them are like modern lifestyle educated women work for long hours before the computer, attending corporate parties that includes rich ( junk)food , then due to lack of time no exercise to the bodies no workouts etc... electronic appliances also effect the health of the household conclude this series I as an artist have tried to create health awareness by showing different postures of yoga through line drawings as well as bronze yoga sculptures that helps to maintain health and weight .
Raviram Ramakrishnan
Raviram Ramakrishnan
Girl enjoying on Divan  
Raviram Ramakrishnan
Ranganthan II  
Raviram Ramakrishnan
Creator ll  
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